It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.     Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The statistical Analysis section of the Road Safety Unit (RSU) aims not to draw any conclusion without the facts. The fact is, Jamaica have been experiencing a fluctuation in Road fatalities over the past fourteen years with the year 2012 being the only year with the death toll under 300 casualties while 2002 was the only year with casualties exceeding 400 in the calendar year.  The fluctuation of casualties over the past fourteen years have equate to Jamaica having an average of 341 traffic fatalities per year with 80% of the deaths being male. This equates to approximately to 273 males dying from traffic accidents per year.


Data Collection

As with all statistical analysis the first step is the data collection. The RSU uses data from primary (Surveys, etc.) as well as secondary sources. RSU primarily uses secondary data from;

• The Jamaica Constable Force (JCF), 

• Island Traffic Authority (ITA), 

• National Works Agencies (NWA),

• Tax administration Jamaica (TAJ),

• Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN). 

These data are mainly used to produce the weekly, monthly and quarterly report. RSU database is updated daily by the Data Entry Clerks with the use of data obtained from the Jamaica Constabulary Forces (JCF) whether it is via accident analysis booklet or the daily fatality access database. 

The Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually reports are formulated from fatal accident accidents and fatalities within the respective time period. Within the reports there are high risk groups that are highlighted such as the Pedestrians, Motorcycles and private motor vehicle drivers and passengers. These categories of road users are highlighted because they account for a high percentage of fatalities on an annual basis. 




The RSU does both inferential as well as descriptive data analysis by employing the usage of various software’s however Microcomputer accident analysis package MAAP, SPSS, POM and Microsoft excel are the ones most mainly used. Depending on the nature of the analysis the software package that best fit the study to be undertaken is chosen.


2015 Road Fatalities

Like the previous year, 2015 has seen its share of fatalities. Thus far 296 traffic deaths from 292 days in the calendar, Jamaica is averaging little over 1:1 deaths per day with male accounting for 84% thus far. Motorcycles deaths equate to 30% with pedestrian deaths a close second with 24% and PMC Drivers and Passenger both third with 15% each of fatalities thus far.