Individuals from the age of 17 can obtain their licence by first acquiring a learner's permit. This allows you to learn and practise driving skills from an experienced driver who will prepare you for your driving test.

A Provisional Driver's Licence permits an unlicensed individual to operate a motor vehicle on the public roads while under the supervision of a licenced driver; however motor cycles and tractors are exempted from supervision.




To acquire a driver's licence, an applicant must submit the following documents:

  • Private or general driver's licence application form depending on the type of Driver's licence required, signed by Justice of the Peace/Notary Public, and/or a Doctor, as the case demands.
  • Driver's licence examination fee receipt (obtain at the local Inland Revenue Department or Tax Office).
  • Provisional driver's licence in force (obtain at the local Inland Revenue Department or Tax Office).

Upon attending the appointment date at the parish Island Traffic Authority location, the applicant under goes a test for reading ability, road code and/or mechanical knowledge. This is following by a yard test.

The Yard Test examines applicant's ability to:

  • Start on a gradient.
  • Park on the near and far side in a confined area.
  • Reverse and turn within a confined area.

NOTE: Yard test only for Motorcyles

If the applicant is successful they are required to complete a full sentence.

Documents of successful applicants are then compiled and sent to the collector of taxes at the end of the day.

If applicants are unsuccessful

Applicant receive a new appointment slip indicating areas of failure and return date.

Applicant attends on return date with new examination fee receipt.

Examination proceeds on areas of failure and continues until applicant is successful.


NOTE: For every failure, applicant is required to secure a new examination fee receipt

Visit this link https://www.jamaicatax.gov.jm/ to view:

Step to obtain:  Provisional License

                           Driver's Licence

                           Renewing of Driver's Licence

                           Lost licence


The Road Traffic Act 2010 states, 

No person shall use a motor vehicle on a road unless there has been issued a certificate from the Authority certifying that the prescribed requirements as to fitness are fulfilled in respect of the vehicle.

      • Drivers should go to their nearest Collectorate Office with your driver's licence and expired fitness certificate to pay the fitness fee.
      • After this you will get the vehicle tested at the Examination Depot. You are required to carry with you the receipt for the fitness fee purchased at the collector of Taxes, the old fitness certificate and your registration documents.
      • The car is driven up a ramp. A qualified agent will check the vehicle visually for properly functioning headlights, hoses and front-end components. If no faults are found with these, the car will be driven in the yard in figure eight configurations for a check of the brakes and steering. If no faults are found, a new motor vehicle fitness certificate will be issued at this point.
      • If faults are found with the vehicle no certificate will be issued.



Registering your Motor Vehicle

All motor vehicles kept on the road should be registered in "The National Vehicle Registry". The owner of the vehicle upon filling out a form, presenting a valid certificate of fitness, insurance and paying the prescribed fee at the Inland Revenue Department (Tax Collectorate) should be issued registration plates thereafter. The owner shall ensure that the registration plate for the vehicle is displayed in the prescribed manner.

Registration plates should be effective for the period during which the motor vehicle is kept for use on the road.

A person commits an offence if:

      • The motor vehicle is not registered.
      • The registration plate for the vehicle is not affixed or kept affixed to the vehicle.
      • The registration plate is not distinguishable or the characters cannot be read.


Licencing of your Motor Vehicle

The owner of the vehicle would present a certificate of fitness, proof of motor vehicle insurance and payment of the licence duty at the Inland Revenue Department (Tax Collectorate). A motor vehicle licence may be granted for a period of 6 or 12 months, commencing from the first day of the month in which the licence first takes effect.

An individual will be charged with an offence if:

      • Driving the motor vehicle on the road without being licenced.
      • The licence disc is not affixed to the vehicle.
      • The licence disc is affixed in such a manner where it is not easily distinguishable or the characters cannot be read carefully.

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