"Road Safety Begins With You"


The mission of the Road Safety Unit is to promote and foster an orderly and disciplined traffic culture that is conducive to the development of a safe traffic environment, through the conceptualisation, design and dissemination of a sustained programme of public information, education in schools, legislation, accident information and research.


Strategic Goals


  1. To promote and advance road safety education in schools through presentations, literature and integrated programmes with the Ministry of Education.
  2. To positively influence road user behaviour through well designed public information campaigns.
  3. To develop, organize and implement research programmes for the determination of social, physical, behavioural, environmental and demographic factors influencing traffic accidents.
  4. To identify accident prone areas/locations and provide timely reports to inform remedial measures.
  5. To develop and maintain an automated traffic accident database system for input, processing and retrieval of accident data and the provision of routine and adhoc reports.
  6. To foster the maintenance of and support for the physical and legislative instruments that enforce traffic safety and accountablity.



The Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing came about as a result of a Road Safety Project undertaken by the Government of Jamaica and the Government of Sweden. The project was carried out by a grant of technical support from the Swedish Board for Investment and Technical Support (BITS) and made possible through consultancy services provided by the Swedish National Road Consultancy AB (SweRoad).

The objectives of the project was to conduct a study of the road safety needs in Jamaica, identify the structure , role and function of the Road Safety Unit (RSU) and to assist in the establishment of such a unit. The Road Safety Report was completed in December of 1993 and reviewed and accepted by the then Ministry of Construction and Works and approved by the Planning Institute of Jamaica. The establishment of the RSU, its purpose and structure was one of the recommendations of the report.

The Road Safety Unit (RSU) was later established with a Director in March of 1994; other staff were recruited gradually.


The Road Safety Unit Organizational Structure