Statement from Hon Lester ‘Mike’ Henry Minister of Transport and Mining:

Having satisfied myself that the Ministry is now in a position to confirm the Bank of Jamaica’s indication of an ease in the shortage of coins in circulation, and having further listened to the outcry of the motoring public and other interests groups, as Minister with responsibility for Transport, I am now advising that there will indeed be a roll back of the toll rates, as soon as the operators confirm with me that they have ease of access to coins. This roll back should be effective this weekend. 

I am mindful that the Ministry had given a commitment to the public at the time of the adjustment, that as soon as, the coin shortage eased, there will be a rollback of the rates. It is my intention to honour that commitment. 

Furthermore the largest impact of the adjusted rates, have been felt by motorists traversing the Caymanas to Angels leg of the highway. These motorists must now enjoy a reduction in the rate. The position articulated earlier in a letter to the PAC and subsequent News Release has now been rescinded.

I am now awaiting the formal receipt of the final application from the toll road operators for a rate review, which must be received 60 days in advance of the effective date of the variation of the rates. This is in keeping with the Concession Agreement between the government of Jamaica and the Toll Road Operators and should come into effect in September of this year.