In an effort to raise the standard of its customer service deliverables, the Ministry of Transport and Mining engaged in a series of workshops which ran from January – March of this year.

The workshops were conducted by respected Customer Service practitioner Barry Robinson from the firm HR Solutions Ltd; and were held at several locations within the Corporate Area. According to Director of Human Resource Development, Collette Cummings, the workshops were held with a view to enhancing and improving the Ministry’s customer service profile. She said that the staging of the workshops was in tandem with the government’s ‘transformation deliverables’ as far as customer service was concerned. Information gleaned from the workshops is also intended to assist in the upgrading of the Ministry’s Citizens’ Charter.

The workshops adopted a highly interactive and specialized approach involving role play, questionnaires, discussions, video presentations among others. A number of attendees voiced their approval for the sessions and pledged to ‘put into practice what was preached’.

Approximately 90% of staff from the Core Ministry, the Mines and Geology Division as well as the Island Traffic Authority and the Road Safety Unit participated in the workshops.